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Yvonne van der Waal, a new generation of Belgian Jewelry Designer: fashion needs to return to the essence of life

For fashion, jewelry is an indispensable part, a beautiful jewelry can play a finishing role in wearing. For excellent jewelry designers, it is undoubtedly very important to have their own aesthetic style and refuse to go with the flow. Yvonne van der Waal, founder of motmotmot, a light fashion accessory brand, is such a jewelry designer with their own attitude.

Yvonne van der Waal is a new generation Belgian designer and the founder of light fashion accessories brand motmotmot. Her works have both the minimalist style of northern Europe and the trend characteristics of Europe and the United States, return the fashion elements to the essence of life, and design the trend jewelry with distinctive personality. She is deeply welcomed by European fashion women. She has held many individual works exhibitions and joint design exhibitions in Europe, and has repeatedly won the international jewelry design Competition awards.

In March 1992, Yvonne van der Waal was born in a sewing family in Bruges, Belgium. She had an indissoluble relationship with design since she was a child. Growing up in her parents’ clothing design studio, she has been influenced by art and fashion all the year round. She has a strong interest in design and gradually formed her own unique fashion taste.

In middle school, Yvonne van der Waal finished her first costume creation in her parents’ studio, because she couldn’t find the right accessories to add points to the overall effect, which gave birth to the idea of accessories design. Later, she participated in the school’s accessory design competition and won a gold medal, which greatly enhanced her interest in jewelry accessory design.

In 2010, 18-year-old Yvonne van der Waal was admitted to bjop; after graduation in 2013, she was admitted to Cole Boulle, Paris, for further study. During her study, she participated in many professional competitions in the field of design and emerged in the European design field with her simple, fashionable and unique design style.

In 2011, it won Coutts Jewelry New Star Award and jointly held the jewelry light exhibition with a number of young European designers;

In 2012, the exhibition of personal works was held in Paris;

Won the outstanding designer award in 2013.

Yvonne van der Waal once worked in Van Cleef Arpels, Chanel, Cartier and other brand internships, which made her understand fashion accessories more thoroughly. In 2014, she founded her own studio and the brand motmotmot.

Yvonne van der Waal advocates a simple, fashionable and personalized design style. Most of the design inspiration comes from life. The works integrate different fashion elements and endow jewelry with various style characteristics. Yvonne van der Waal hopes that her works can meet the needs of women in daily life for multi scene and multi style fashion accessories matching, achieve multi-faceted style and highlight the unique charm of women, so she created her own accessories brand motmotmot.

Motmotmot’s name comes from every moment my moment, which means to encourage women to adhere to themselves, show their charm in many ways and enjoy a brilliant life. Following the concept of Yvonne van der Waal, the brand will return fashion to the essence of life and provide women with multi style and multi scene fashion matching schemes.

As an independent designer brand, motmotmot pursues the style of fashion, simplicity and individuality in its design, which is highly praised in the foreign fashion circle. The figure of its accessories often appears in social platforms such as ins and Facebook, and is also loved by more and more people. Recently, the brand announced that it will enter the Chinese market, providing Chinese women with more high-quality fashion matching options, lighting up more Chinese women’s multifaceted charm with accessories.