Are sterling silver rings good for stacking?

These stackable hammered gold rings come in a set of two, so you can instantly add a little texture to your hand and layer them however you like. Since the ring stack is personalization, you can look for rings that are special to you, such as a ring with an initial or a birthstone. Stackable rings are meant to be used with other pieces, but this stackable ring would look beautiful and delicate on its own. It's made of hypoallergenic sterling silver and plated with 14-carat white, yellow or rose gold of your choice, and encrusted with cubic zircons that capture light for a touch of gorgeous sparkle.

For more color and texture, choose one of the styles with details in cubic zircons or opals, available in silver, gold or rose gold finishes. Available in sterling silver or 14-carat gold plated, this ring is both minimalist and bold. Finally, think about how many rings you would like to keep in mind, of course, that you can always add more. This customizable initial ring from PAVOI, a brilliant version of the classic stamp ring, features a one-size-fits-all adjustable band, with the letter embedded in cubic zirconias of your choice.

But part of the beauty of the ring stack is the variation, and mixing metals always looks good and a little eccentric. Made of hypoallergenic sterling silver, it looks great in any all-silver outfit, although I would recommend combining it with a small, simple gold band for a sophisticated contrast. Whether you're new to the world of stackable rings or if you've been here for a while, you know what a striking texture can cause; and this braided wedding band from eternity will make an interesting and elegant statement to your collection. These gold stacking rings come in a set of three (or two, if you prefer), so you can start stacking right away.

More than 13,000 Amazon shoppers have given this PAVOI ring a five-star rating, and it's not hard to see why it's so popular with the public. For lovers of creative control, buying à la carte is a wonderful way to create a handful of rings that represent you exactly the way you want.

Mitchell Groesser
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