Are there any special considerations when buying an infinity style of sterling silver ring with gemstones set all around it?

Most manufacturers use diamonds because they represent loyalty, devotion and fidelity in some cases. As for materials, sterling silver, white gold or platinum are excellent options for infinite rings. When it comes to the metal for your eternity ring, you should only consider precious metals.

Sterling silver

isn't strong enough to withstand the wear and tear that an eternity ring receives.

Platinum or gold are the best options. Platinum is very strong, even on thin wires, so it keeps stones in place very securely. Gold is also very durable, as white gold, yellow gold and rose gold offer color options to complement the other rings you wear every day. Platinum is the best choice of metal for an important alliance for eternity, as it will blend with diamonds in a perfect way and will keep your diamonds safe.

Be sure to ask about the origin of the metal for your ring. At RockHer, all of our platinum and gold are recycled. The center stone of your diamond ring is always the most striking stone. While ring styles and diamond shapes are always important considerations, the 4 C's of the stone determine its overall quality and value.

Sterling silver is rarely used for wedding bands, as it is soft, can be scratched and takes on an aged look. Wedding rings tend to have a significantly lower price and can be simple metal or pave rings with stones with diamond details that cover half or all of the wedding ring. Stackable bands A current trend in wedding ring style is to wear two, three or more complementary rings stacked together on a single finger. Some women love the look of decorative gemstones or a specific diamond shape along with the ring, while others choose between bezels, even. Ring set on a bezel The stones are surrounded by precious metals, which leaves the crown (the upper part) of the diamond visible, while the rest is hidden.

You can use infinite rings as wedding bands, engagement rings, or to express your appreciation for a relationship or special person. We know better than anyone how easy it is to get carried away by the thrill and burden of searching for diamond shapes and ring styles. One of the most important considerations when buying a diamond eternity ring is that they cannot be measured. You can choose to have quotes, dates or abbreviations engraved on your infinity ring as a way to personalize them and give them a unique meaning.

If you're buying a ready-to-wear eternity ring and there's a return policy that allows it to be exchanged, that's one thing. If you're planning to wear your eternity ring on the ring finger of your left hand next to your engagement ring and wedding ring, you'll want a ring style that complements those rings and that also fits well on them. This ring style includes a band that represents strength and commitment and offers the ideal look for a sentimental future bride. Infinity rings with gemstones can sometimes be cumbersome to wear and can sometimes be scratched if they come into contact with the skin.

The princess-shaped stones make a stunning centerpiece for any engagement ring setting and offer an impressive sparkle.

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