Are there any special considerations when resizing a sterling silver ring?

It is allowed to change the size of the ring in sterling silver once a year. If handled incorrectly, sterling silver can lose its shape and strength. Resize by one or two sizes to maintain its structure and quality. For gemstones to be properly placed, a ring in good condition must be removed before it can be redesigned.

If your ring is just too tight or too loose at seemingly random times, you may not need to change the ring size permanently. Consistently think about how the ring fits you. If it's always too tight or too loose, then yes, you'll probably need a permanent solution to improve the fit. But if it doesn't consistently misfit, it may be best not to resize it.

A good-sized ring should slide over the knuckle with some resistance and then fit snugly at the base of the finger. It shouldn't feel uncomfortable, not too loose or too tight. When you take it off, you should feel the same resistance in your knuckle as when you put it on. Located in the heart of historic Boston, Bostonian specializes in restoring antique and vintage jewelry, personalized designs and creating exceptional fine jewelry with noble metals, using the highest quality diamonds and gemstones from around the world.

If any of these causes the ring may not fit well, it is best not to change the ring size and opt for temporary alternatives. Simple styles, such as bands, for example, are easier to change than more ornate bezels, in which the structural integrity of the ring can change if the ring is bent too much (especially in rings that have several gemstones). You might first think of changing the size, but keep this in mind: Sometimes the reason the ring doesn't fit is temporary. That said, it's a great option for reducing the ring size without permanently changing the size of the ring band.

While a permanent size change is definitely what will take longer, explore resizing alternatives if you need a quicker solution or don't want to leave your ring for an extended period of time. If you use the traditional method of resizing, professional jewelers usually recommend that you do not change the size more than twice, as changing it several times can weaken the ring. These types of resizing alternatives can help you make a ring move more smoothly over your knuckle and still fit your finger. For some reason, if you can't change the size of your ring, there are plenty of alternatives that offer an easy and affordable solution.

If you're worried about changing your ring size too many times, such as when you lose a lot of weight or get pregnant, consider changing your ring size. If you choose the traditional route of changing the ring size with your jeweler, the cost of the ring size will depend on the types of metals the ring is made of and whether significant changes will need to be made to make it look good. When studying how to enlarge or make a ring smaller, it's important to consider if the ring has been resized before. This can vary depending on whether you are resizing the ring up or down, depending on the style of the ring, the size of the piece, and where the size is changed.

While it's essential to make a ring fit better, it's also important that you like the look and feel of the ring after you change the size. For example, some rings are made of metals that cannot be resized, in which case, ring sizing alternatives will be the best option.

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