How do you keep a cheap silver ring from tarnishing?

Store your silver jewelry in plastic bags or airtight containers. Tarnishing occurs as a result of the exposure of silver jewelry to oxygen and sulfur particles in the air. Therefore, to prevent silver from tarnishing, you can store it in a resealable bag and another airtight container. One of the simple ways to prevent silver from staining is to store it properly.

If you protect your silver jewelry from moisture, air and moisture, it will be more certain that it will not tarnish. Moisture includes water, sweat, and even moisture. Store your sterling silver jewelry in a cool, dry place. An airtight bag or container will help keep jewelry from tarnishing.

In addition, sterling silver jewelry is often made with intricate designs that provide nooks and crannies for tarnish to build up. Sterling silver tends to tarnish due to the copper in its composition, which reacts with sulfur and oxygen to form an unsightly discoloration. Ultrasonic cleaners are safe to clean sterling silver, as sound waves won't damage the metal. When silver comes into contact with hydrogen sulfide or other sulfur-containing compounds, such as sterling silver alloy metals, the surface will tarnish over time.

The specialized jewelers at Janvier Jewelers have prepared a list to answer all your questions about the care of silver jewelry. Rhodium-plated sterling silver is one of the best options for jewelry because it is very durable and has a beautiful finish. You should store your silver pieces properly so that, when you want to use them, you only need quick polishing instead of major repairs. To do this, you must store all your silver pieces in airtight boxes or bags that avoid contact with air.

The chemicals in many commercial cleaners can remove the patina that gives sterling silver its characteristic shine. Water generally doesn't damage sterling silver jewelry, but there is a chance that it can stain. Sterling silver jewelry cleaners are inexpensive and easy to use; you can find them literally anywhere. Also avoid using the silver pieces in activities that make you sweat, such as outdoor tasks or sports.

The best way to store your sterling silver jewelry is in an airtight container lined with a soft material, such as cotton balls or a jewelry polishing cloth, to prevent scratching.

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