Are there any special considerations when buying an infinity style of sterling silver ring with diamonds set all around it?

When it comes to the metal for your eternity ring, you should only consider precious metals.

Sterling silver

isn't strong enough to withstand the use of a. Sterling silver isn't strong enough to withstand the wear and tear that an eternity ring gets. Platinum or gold are the best options.

Platinum is very strong, even on thin wires, so it keeps stones in place very securely. Gold is also very durable, as white gold, yellow gold and rose gold offer color options to complement the other rings you wear every day. The best choice of metal for an important alliance for eternity is platinum, as it will blend with diamonds in a perfect way and will keep your diamonds safe. Be sure to ask about the origin of the metal for your ring.

At RockHer, all our platinum and gold are recycled. You can add gems to the infinite rings to give them a luxurious look. Most manufacturers use diamonds because they represent loyalty, devotion and fidelity in some cases. As for materials, sterling silver, white gold or platinum are excellent options for infinite rings.

There are three important things to consider when evaluating the quality and beauty of an eternity ring. The first is the diamonds used in the ring. The second is the stage, while the third is the type of precious metal used to make the band. While the Egyptians didn't give away diamond rings for eternity, such as wedding rings or wedding anniversary rings, even then these perfect rings, some with the motif of a snake biting its tail, were symbols of eternal love and life.

The small diamonds in an eternity ring rarely have GIA classification reports, as would be expected from a central stone, as that would increase the total cost of the diamond ring too much. In particular, princess-cut eternity rings, Asscher cut eternity rings, radiant-cut eternity rings, baguette diamond eternity rings and emerald-cut eternity rings are very striking, as the straight sides of each diamond can be set side by side, resulting in a solid wall of glitter around the finger. There are so many different diamond shapes you can choose from for these rings, which have also gained popularity and are worn as a luxury fashion statement. Like Blue Nile, they have been in business for more than 18 years and have extensive experience selling loose diamonds, engagement rings, wedding rings and other fine jewelry.

However, the most important factor for diamond quality is that diamonds in eternal rings must match, not only in color and clarity, but also in size and overall appearance. Just like giving an eternity ring as an engagement ring (which is one of the alternatives to the traditional diamond engagement ring that some people prefer), it's totally fine to wear an eternity ring instead of a traditional wedding ring. The most popular diamond shape for eternity rings is the round diamond, although there are unique styles available, such as this Asscher cut eternity ring from Blue Nile. In bezel-set eternity rings, each diamond is held in an individual metal frame, giving the ring an elegant and modern look and, at the same time, protecting the stone.

If you love the look of a solid, shiny ring, but don't want to be left without being able to measure your ring if necessary, then opt for a half-eternity or three-quarter band, each of which has more diamonds than a normal band, but still leaves enough room for maneuver so you can spend a few seconds on the barbecue. To do this, the jeweler may need to replace the removed part of the ring with a blank, unadorned piece of metal that does not have diamonds. Blue Nile, which has been in operation for more than 17 years, has a strong reputation for offering high-quality diamond and other gem jewelry and reliable customer service. This 14-carat white gold eternity ring by James Allen is an example of a pointed bezel, while this Blue Nile ring uses a pave bezel.

This makes it important to buy an eternity ring from a reputable seller, such as James Allen or Blue Nile, to ensure that you get high-quality diamonds. .

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