What is the difference between sterling silver and platinum rings?

Although at first glance both silver and platinum appear silvery in color, the two metals are easily discernible to the naked eye. Both have shades of gray, unlike white gold, which has a warmer yellow undertone, but platinum is much brighter and brighter and silver has a more muted gray appearance. Also check the color and weight of the part. If you have the opportunity to compare platinum and silver side by side, it's easy to distinguish the differences between them.

Platinum is much denser than silver, so it will have more weight. Plus, platinum isn't really white, it's actually gray in color. Both silver and platinum have shades of gray, unlike white gold, which has a warmer yellow undertone, but platinum is much brighter and brighter, and silver has a more muted gray appearance. Learn the differences between platinum and silver and how to protect your jewelry collection against theft, loss and damage with BriteCo.

Any ring with a gemstone frame, such as an engagement ring, will benefit from the strength and security offered by platinum. Metal alloys with 92.5% silver are known as sterling silver and are most commonly used to create silver objects. Choose platinum if you want a beautiful engagement ring that will stay in your hand every day for many years. Although they're imperceptible to the naked eye, platinum and silver have some significant differences that can affect the type of metal jewelry you buy.

While sending your jewelry to a qualified jeweler is the best option for an annual deep cleaning, there are some simple tips you can try at home to maintain your silver and platinum jewelry. If you want to identify if a piece of jewelry is made of platinum or silver, first examine the jewel to see if there are any engravings on the metal. Because of their different chemical compositions and physical properties, silver and platinum have different maintenance needs. It's no wonder how those explorers invented this nomenclature, since the precious metal has a silver color with a white sheen.

Because silver alloys can sometimes contain other metals such as nickel or zinc, some pieces of jewelry can cause skin irritations. Platinum rings usually contain between 90 and 95% pure platinum, perfect for withstanding the test of daily use of an engagement ring. While most people aren't directly allergic to silver or gold, many of the metals that can be alloyed with them are common allergens. While platinum can offer longer lasting durability and better investment value, platinum and silver jewelry are elegant and stylish additions to your accessory collection.

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