How do you care for a sterling silver ring?

Focus on making long movements up and down to clean the jewelry. Be sure to use different parts of the cloth to prevent tarnish from spreading. Don't use circular motions here, as they can worsen tarnish or dirt. Be sure to avoid polishing any part of the jewelry that has been intentionally oxidized.

The most effective way to clean sterling silver is with warm water and a mild bar soap. Liquid soap is likely to leave a film on the jewelry, resulting in an opaque finish. The specialized jewelers at Janvier Jewelers have prepared a list to answer all your questions about the care of silver jewelry. Harsh chemicals, sulfur, sweat and perspiration, chlorine, and strong sunlight can tarnish and corrode the bright sheen that silver loves so much.

Remember that the key to keeping sterling silver clean is to perform periodic cleaning to eliminate tarnish as it builds up. There are a few other things you can try when looking for ways to keep your sterling silver jewelry from tarnishing. Chemicals and water contaminants can cause silver to look tarnished and dull, so it's best to know what's what when it comes to water. Your sterling silver jewelry should be cleaned and polished from time to time to remove fingerprints, oils and natural stains.

Pure silver contains 99.9% elemental silver, while sterling silver contains additional metals for added strength. Sterling silver is a popular metal because of its affordability and malleability, but it also tarnishes quickly due to its composition. This is why cleaning your sterling silver jewelry is essential to keep your eye-catching pieces shiny and turning them into items forever. Use back and forth movements that reflect the pattern of the silver jewelry and switch to different sections of the fabric to prevent the silver from tarnishing again.

Whether you decorate your wardrobe exclusively with silver jewelry or if you only have a few special pieces, you've probably wondered at some point what is the best way to care for and clean your silver jewelry. Other brands include variations of the word sterling printed in discrete places, such as the back of a pendant or inside a band. Sterling silver is one of the most popular materials for making jewelry and, at the same time, one of the most neglected. In general, keeping sterling silver clean comes down to maintaining a balance between regular home care and professional cleaning appointments.

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