Are there any special techniques for soldering two pieces of different metals together to make a two-tone style of sterling silver ring?

Simple, flat silver rings are a good starting point to start updating your silver welding techniques. Once you've mastered the art of precision. Once you master the art of precisely preparing for the silver welding technique and carefully use the right tools, you can move on to more complex welding projects. The welding metal must have a lower melting point than the two metal parts you are going to fuse.

Otherwise, you will also melt your jewelry. Unfortunately, those who think that “real jewelry is just silver, platinum or gold” haven't always given copper the respect it deserves; however, if the prices of silver and gold stay so high, copper and copper alloy jewelry will be seen more and more, especially in fun art jewelry. I am trying to weld a piece of sterling silver measuring 5 x 100 mm to a piece of bronze like a “sandwich”. If you are bothered by the silver bezel on a piece of copper, place a nail or a piece of binding wire in a small pickle cup; this will cover the bezel with copper and will also cover any harmful solder with copper.

If you're soldering copper over sterling silver, you can overheat the pound sterling and the copper will sink in it. Copper and its alloys really warm up the whiteness of pure silver, and I love combining the two in my jewelry. You'll learn what type of soldering silver you should use for the best results, how to use the fuse effectively and soldering tips and tricks for obtaining a professional finish. It can be done quite successfully, but be careful that the silver softens; if it starts to look melted, pull back with the torch and let it cool down before going back in.

Cooksongold is the largest one-stop store in the United Kingdom for the jewelry manufacturer, with more than 20,000 products that include a huge stock of silver, gold, palladium and platinum ingots cut according to their needs (sheets, wire, tube, solder, grain, beading), as well as a wide range of tools, finds, loose and finished chains, precious stones, raw pieces for rings, silver clay, materials for beadwork and much more. When you make a layer of copper and sterling silver, it may be easier to solder silver to copper as you practice.

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