Can you shower with sterling silver ring?

Water can oxidize silver, meaning that it is likely to tarnish and therefore begin to darken. There is also a risk of your jewelry falling or losing it, so we recommend that you remove your sterling silver jewelry before bathing. Sterling silver is an attractive precious metal and a popular choice for many people. The good news is that sterling silver is easy to use and is unlikely to be significantly damaged if used in the shower.

Don't forget to give it a little care and attention from time to time to keep it in optimal condition. I never take off my silver ring or necklace. I've been showering with them for years and they're perfect. With a little care and attention, it's good to know that your sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime.

Because silver is an inert metal, hot water, shower gels, or soaps are unlikely to damage it. These liquids have been specially formulated to clean gold or silver jewelry and will quickly remove any stain. Like washing your hands, bathing with sterling silver is generally fine, as harsh chemicals aren't usually present in the shower. For example, if you tend to take sterling silver to water and don't polish it regularly, it's possible that over time, dullness and tarnish will start to appear on your precious silver jewelry.

If you've been wearing your silver jewelry in the shower, pool, hot tub, or even the sea, you can rinse them with fresh water to remove any harmful chemicals, such as chlorine from the pool or sea salts. Finally, one of the main reasons why you might not want to wear your jewelry in the shower is that there is a chance of losing it in the shower water. They are mixed with pure silver during manufacture to make silver easier to mold into those beautiful designs. It's interesting to know that just by wearing your silver jewelry every day, you'll get some protection against your skin.

But is wearing sterling silver in the shower that bad? We've put together some ideas just to answer that very question. The good news is that wearing your sterling silver jewelry consistently and even showering with it (unless it's “aged”, in which case ignore the following) will help it maintain its bright shine. Water in the pool or hot tub is generally treated with chlorine, so sterling silver jewelry is at greater risk of changing color.

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